Thanks FedEx for losing my knives

“Thanks FedEx for losing my knives”, I read as I was scrolling through Instagram. It immediately caught my attention. How much longer will customers have to complain until shipping companies take us seriously?


We get it… You are big companies in an industry that is prone to mistakes, but it is not often the mistakes that infuriate us, rather it is the way the companies handle them - and that includes the lack of communication. Maybe the whole shipping experience would be easier if one person was only in charge of delivering one item or two as opposed to hundreds of them. Maybe delivery windows would better fit our schedules if the delivery person would give us a heads-up ahead of a drop off.

It is very important for customers to feel valued as we feel that the business we bring to you is important, at least it is important to us. We have seen many hiccups made by shipping companies, it is often a personal item that is lost in the mail or a passport that is not delivered on time ahead of an important trip. Individually we might be a drop of water in the ocean, but together we have built your success!

When Denis Mura (an Italian Knife artist) registered for the 2018 Blade Show in Atlanta, he could not imagine that his blades would miss the show. I mean let’s be realistic, what’s an artist without his artwork? This is the product of hard work, it is your pride, your livelihood and for many artists, it is what they live for.

If your knives do not show up, what are you supposed to exhibit at a blade show? Photos of your work? Your Instagram account? Cool story bro…anyone can get those online. No need to fly 5,000 miles across the Atlantic - from Italy to Atlanta - and oh yeah, no need to book a hotel or a table at the blade show…You might as well just direct everyone to your Instagram account. They can sure appreciate the craftsmanship of your pieces in your videos and assess the quality of every blade on your photos. After all, you have only dropped $3000 on this trip. Who cares? It's not like $3,000 can get you much these days anyway right?

Though Denis Mura does not bring you as much business as Amazon does; would not be in business without the likes of him? It is men and women like him who shop every day on Amazon for packages carried by Fedex, UPS, USPS etc… Most importantly, it is men and women like him who regularly seek your services for shipping, whether it be to run a small business or to send a pair of soccer cleats to a friend in another state.

Personally, if I were to trust a shipping company with the delivery of my blades, I’d expect them to be delivered on time. Denis says he had shipped his pieces on May 24 and they were supposed to be delivered on May 30, he never received them on that date. After inquiry, it turned out that his package was lost. It took him quite a bit of time and effort to be able to speak to a FedEx representative , only to be told that the package would arrive June 2nd. Well, the only problem is that the show ran June 1-3.

There is no use to knives that arrive towards the end of a blade show, and it sucks to spend $3,000 on a trip that did not serve its purpose. In the words of our man, this is “Money thrown into the trash”. I feel for him and truly hope that FedEx will make this up to him. That is why I have decided to start an online petition to pressure FedEx to reimburse Denis for the money he has spent on the trip. If they have ruined the blade show for him, it is only fair they make it up to him. Please sign and share the petition and let’s hope Denis gets his money back!