Why SendAlong?


Sendalong was conceived to ultimately ease the experience of sending an item from one city or country to another. We do not aim to replace the current shipping options, rather, we are here to complement them. Imagine you want your nephews in the U.S to experience the delight of your favorite Swiss chocolate; It’d be a shame to have to pay over $100 to get those to them. That is 3 to 4 times the value of the sweets and that is approximately how much it would cost to ship those to the U.S; not everyone has that kind of money to spend on shipping or on chocolate.

With SendAlong you can commission someone who is already travelling from Switzerland to the U.S to bring the chocolate to your nephews. The traveler has already paid for their trip, carrying out your request is just additional money they can gain, hassle free and everyone is happy.

The purpose of SendAlong is to get a package shipped the fastest way possible at the best price. Per example there is no way that I could send a simple letter within a week’s time from North America to a city in West Africa for less than $100. That is just ridiculous! Thank GOD for email! And if you have an official document to send in hard copy, well, let’s just say that you are screwed.

If that is the cost of sending documents, never mind sending a piece of jewelry or even worse, a pair of shoes. I have actually been confronted with the dilemma of sending a birthday gift to a friend overseas. The cost of shipping was so high I gave up on the idea altogether; it’s a shame though, because I had found her the perfect watch.

Technology has advanced but shipping has yet to catch up, and I get it, the likes of UPS and FedEx spend too much money on infrastructure and technology preventing them from offering overseas delivery for 20 bucks. Under their current business model, it makes no economic sense to carry out the service at such a low cost. Yet, this is what we, the customers want, so we have decided to take the matter into our own hands. Together we are working towards a concept that makes shipping cheaper without any trade-off for speed or efficiency.

It is a well-known fact that the power of sharing communities can ultimately make our lives easier, we are continuously:

  • Hosting other community members when they come through or cities (Airbnb).
  • Making money while giving rides to other community members (Uber/Lyft).
  • Renting out our cars when we are not driving them (Turo).

This is nothing new, it is fun, it is exciting, it is life changing and we all play a part in it. Everything is at the tip of your fingers and the experience is seamless; all that you have to do is search for travelers going the way you’d like to ship a parcel. There are more than 2.5 million people flying daily just in and out of the U.S, that’s more people than you have in the whole of Slovenia. I trust we will be able to find a soul to carry out your delivery.

This is a delight for travelers; what more can I ask for than making use of free luggage space? Let me repeat that, I will get paid to transport a package to a destination I am already traveling to? That has to be one of the easiest ways of making money since Airbnb. The concept of SendAlong has been tailored to optimize the user’s experience. We actively seek feedback from our users in order to make the shipping experience seamless and fun!

The model is already in place in parts of the world. Yes, people deliver each other’s parcels from one city or country to another. We are bringing everyone onto the same platform and we are eliminating bottlenecks. However, we need your help raising awareness.

A community requires the involvement of every one of its members to flourish, which is why we should discuss the concept with friends and family and provide them with the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint. For every parcel that is carried by a traveler we reduce the extra energy it would have taken to deliver it using traditional mediums. It is a synergy that works perfectly for all, including our planet. Most Americans who are familiar with sharing communities agree that they are better for the environment.

And certainly, we have all experienced the dread and disappointment from a lost package or missed delivery. What makes this so frustrating is the fact that such issues could be easily avoided with better communication with the deliverer.

I once lost a package during a residential move, it was annoying to say the least. The parcel was to be delivered during the move out, but I never got it. The shipping company claimed to have delivered it, but it was neither at my former address nor at the new one. I wish I had had the option of directly texting my new address to the delivery person, or met with him/her at a designated place to retrieve the package.

With SendAlong we make this possible, you will be in constant communication with the deliverer and you can make changes to your delivery request as needed. You can plan deliveries around your busy schedules and you can let them know in the event something unforeseen were to happen. This is the flexibility and simplicity, we, as a community can bring to shipping.

Remember that TV you wanted to send from Dallas to NYC but FedEx would just charge you a fortune to ship it? How about you get a driver from Dallas to NYC to help you out with that? The person is already going the distance, I am sure she/he would not mind helping if you were to chip in for gas. Ironically, I have faced a similar situation; I was never able to ship the TV though. No wonder I have decided to take part in the revolution.

Simply put, imagine UPS or FedEx, but cheaper, leaner, more flexible, operated by you and just for you. SendAlong harnesses the power that we have as a community to ultimately make shipping more convenient for all of us. Together we can improve shipping! Join the revolution now!